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About PSYsolution

PSYsolution is on a journey of exploring life in its wholeness and aligning towards the truth through inquiry and rational understanding. As the tagline suggests, “solution lies in psyche”, the role of mind which either aligns or deviates from the truth is explored and inquired.

This journey is marked by conducting workshops (online and offline) on syncing life with nature and energy conservation as a by-product. Kalyan and Rakhi co-founded PSYsolution in 2017. Initially, the theme of these workshops was on natural healing by understanding the science of “Pure Nature Cure” which is also the science of energy management. The progression and reversal of disease was the primary focus initially.

Apart from the health domain, the inquisition to explore the possibility of freedom from all conditionings came to the fore, gradually. That’s when the theme of the workshops transitioned towards “Nature&Life” viewed through the lenses of rational understanding. Inquiry being the natural knack of humans, supported by the neural structure, it is an integral part of daily living. Currently, our workshops are themed “Let us inquire” to deep dive into all walks of life viz. education, health, relationships, livelihood, disturbances, etc. Some of the topics covered in the workshop include understanding the relevance of inquiry in life, inquiring the root cause of disturbances in life, the impact of mind and energy on life, etc.

Over the years, the transition has been from consciously putting effort in “managing energy” to “energy getting managed” effortlessly through rational understanding. The effortlessness is a by-product of being in the unconditioned, natural flow of life which is aligned towards the truth.

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