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Generally, we use either the lens of belief or disbelief, like or dislike, right or wrong, good or bad, etc to look at the world. In viewing the world through these two polarities, many possibilities gets overlooked and ignored, thereby blocking the actual experience. This workshop is titled "let us inquire" to explore if the lenses through which we are looking at the world is aligned towards the truth or straying away from it.




PSYsolution workshop is an intensive yet effortless exploration of what it really means to live naturally.


This is a conversational workshop to dive deeper into different conditionings in the form of beliefs, opinions, judgements, likes, dislikes, motivation, fears, excitement, etc. In the process, the close knit connection between the body and the mind gets unravelled; the impact of emotional-mental disturbances on one's body are observed.


The basics of Pure Nature Cure are explored for understanding the physical aspects of disease, its stages and reversals. Disease causation is rationally connected with the psychological dynamics of life. 


There is no preaching, the facilitator(s) may present sets of dynamic, modifiable proposals which may act as triggers for the participants to inquire for themselves. This may kindle an inner dialogue within the participant as an ongoing journey to explore different facets of life, even after the workshop.


Do you sense these states of being?

 • Do you feel alienated and lonely even if surrounded by family and friends?

 • Is there guilt stemming from your current situation when compared to how it used to be?

 • Is there anxiety and fear of losing someone or something?

 • Do you get easily bored and find avenues to explore and seek out new experiences and make memories?

 • Do you feel a sense of high on achieving your goals?

 • Do you suffer from ailments causing bodily discomforts?


Do you think any of the above states of being are relatable? You may relook, unlayer and explore the truth of life in this workshop. .


This workshop is for:

  • someone who is curious to know more about oneself

  • someone who is open to relook at one's beliefs and opinions

  • someone who is not looking for quick solutions and techniques but dive deeper to understand the core

  • someone who is interested in exploring the true nature of life.







Meenu: +91-90799 74528

Binal: +91-98215 26878

Shilpy: +91-98197 28761


Age Eligibility: 20 yrs & above

Food during the offline workshops:

Fruit breakfast and raw / conservatively cooked vegan lunch will be available at the venue.


Fruits will be available at all times.





One or more members from the team PSYsolution, led by kalyan.

kalyan’s (Founder of PSYsolution) Profile:


PSYsolution’s Facebook Page:


PSYsolution's website:


For queries:

Meenu: +91-90799 74528

Binal: +91-98215 26878

Shilpy: +91-98197 28761



Workshop FEE

This workshop is not a FREE or charity service. 
This workshop is not priced by PSYsolution. 

Participants are proposed to evaluate the understanding and experience and PAY AS YOU VALUE, after the workshop.

IVY Model of Contribution:

We are following the IVY (I Value You) model of contribution so that anybody who wishes to understand how s/he can begin a change in the lifestyle for a better sense of life can join without any financial barrier of PRICE.


About 'IVY Model' of Fees: -


PSYsolution's initiatives are not charity or free services. On the other hand, in our income not the donations but connections and its valuations are important. 


Workshop Fee: This workshop will follow a POST-PAID model of COMPENSATION. After the workshop participants are advised to EVALUATE their UNDERSTANDING EXPERIENCE, DECIDE a FEE, individually, and PAY accordingly.


For more details, about the compensation model that we are exploring, you can read this:


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