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The team, as it evolves
You too are a part of it,
if you think you are a part of it...




Rakhi co-founded PSYsolution with Kalyan.
She is a Graduate in Pure Science and Education.
She has done her Post-graduation in Mathematics.
Rakhi has also done Masters in Human Resource Management.
She has taught Mathematics to high school students in conventional schools for more than 10 years.

Rakhi devised and conducted many workshops for students with Kalyan on the topic of 'Fusion of Mathematics and Meditation'.
She took a break from her conventional teaching career in April 2015 and gave birth to Montage with Kalyan, in January 2016.
At the beginning of 2017, Rakhi joined hands with Kalyan to give shape to their initiative, PSYsolution.


Born to Rakhi and Kalyan on 11 Jan 2016.

On a lighter note, Montage is exactly one year older than PSYsolution. 
The first PSYsolution course was offered on 11 Jan 2017. 

Montage naturally supporting PSYsolution in all it's endeavors, since birth and before.


MONTAGE 2021.jpg


Souparna Sarkar, aged 28 years, came into contact with Pure Nature Cure when he attended a 2 day workshop conducted by PSYsolution in Kolkata. After that he started to apply the principles of PNC in terms of health, relationships and in all the walks of life through the process of enquiry, observation and this process continues. He is also interested in exploring the teachings of J. Krishnamurti.

He is based in Durgapur, West Bengal is a commerce graduate and he is presently pursuing B.Ed and M.Sc in Applied psychology. He attended an online course organized by KFI - Role of a Teacher in School. It focused on freedom, enquiry, observation not only in education but in all aspects of life and it has added value to his life. He supports PSYsolution in its endeavors.



38, married and a mother of two daughters, Meenu lives in Bikaner. In 2017, while she was keenly considering enhancing her sense of life, she stumbled upon the science of Pure Nature Cure. Ever since, her journey of understanding the messages of her own senses and realizing her connectedness with everything around her, continues.

Through a why-based approach, she enjoys delving deeper into the nature of nature & life and enjoys the process of freeing herself from her own patterns of thinking.



Binal attended her maiden PSYsolution residential course in 2017. Ever since, her journey in incorporating rationality gradually in all walks of life began. As a mother to a son who is currently 10 years old, she is able to apply the principles of Pure Nature Cure in personal health, education, relationships, etc. With the aim of continuous learning and spreading the wisdom of aligning with nature, she is part of the team. She is based in Thane near Mumbai

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