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We at PSYsolution, endeavor to encourage individuals to customize their own prescriptions or recommendations.

The following recommendations are general in nature to attain a knack of vitality conservation.

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The concepts shared are based on Pure Nature Cure (PNC) science of health and do not coincide with medicinal theories.
If anyone has doubts regarding his or her health, it is the responsibility of the individual to consult a competent health practitioner.
This is not aimed at hurting anybody’s belief or philosophy. 
We at PSYsolution understand that true health does not need treatment, it needs education. It is an endeavor to educate that “The real cure is always from within”. Read more about PNC




One of the default involuntary inputs is Radiation. In our galaxy, solar radiation is the primary radiation. Solar radiation is the primary input (food) for all organisms. Solar particles are directly integrated into our bloodstream and forwarded to the cells without any need for disintegration (as required in case of solid food, the digestion process). 



A - AIR: 

Air is a primary element in terms of its consistent requirement for life. We cannot survive without air even for a few minutes. As solar particles, Air is also directly integrated into the bloodstream and forwarded to the cells without any need for disintegration. Deeper and slower breathing helps in quality inhalation, assimilation and exhalation.




Majority of our body content is water. Thirst is the physiological indicator of the need for water. Consumption of water without thirst and not consuming water when thirsty, both over-engage vitality. The osmotic water contained in fruits and vegetables is the purest water available. Raw food consumption compensates the requirements of water in the body and conserves vitality. 



Hunger is the physiological indicator for the need for food.
Food is any substance abundantly available in nature, which is palatable singly, in its natural state  (or conservatively cooked). The vitality engaged in the digestion of such food is the least. The identifier of the conservative food is its assimilability/perishability to the soil. The faster it assimilates to soil the better  the vitality conservation.
The natural taste of the food indicates conservation of vitality.
The natural light and temperature is maximum during 12 noon to 8pm, irrespective of geo-location and climate. During this time, the vitality engaged in maintaining the body temperature is the least. That conserved vitality is useful for our digestion process if we align our solid food consumption during this hour.




Spine is the bridge between the brain and the whole body. The spine is the central axis and is crucial for maintaining balance. It distributes the body mass symmetrically on both sides of the body. Conscious maintenance of balance and circulation in the spine conserves vitality. 



Circulation of nutrients and toxins in the body is supported by movement of the body. The transfer of nutrients and toxins between blood and cells happens via the lymphatic system which is an open system (without any pumping facility). The joints have lymph nodes where the toxins get accumulated if not eliminated on a regular basis. Accumulated  toxin is always a toll on vitality. Slow stretching exercises and regular movements of joints, act similar to pumping support. This phenomenon assists in smoothening lymphatic circulation and conserving vitality.




The natural light and temperature is minimum during 8pm to 4am, irrespective of geo-location and climate. The internal maintenance/repairing of the body primarily happens during this period because the body does not interact with the environment during these darkest hours of the day. Any goal to wake up is a toll on vitality conservation. 



Sex is vitality conserving if it is executed rationally. The act of sex emerges due to physical proximity of partners who are in a responsible relationship; the purpose of sex is sensing physical as well as cognitive growth. Reproduction/procreation being one of the primary capabilities of organisms, even though one may choose not to reproduce, unless the very act is connected with its purpose, it over engages vitality.



RU -

Rationality & irrationality are the perceptions of reality, in other words emotion/feeling/physiological sensation. Perceptions are ideas of sensations.   
Perception is a unique psychological response or idea in the mind of an individual organism which generates awareness / imagination / assumption. 
The same reality can be perceived differently by two individuals with different attributions of rationality and irrationality.
Rationality conserves vitality while irrationality over engages vitality.
If an emotion is generated due to influences of ideas, then it is an irrational perception of the individual. Irrational perceptions are taxing for the individual due to their looped occurrence in a vicious cycle of continuous creation of sensations from the pool of ideas.
If an emotion is generated due to contact of any physical matter (Light/Sound/Smell/Taste/Touch), it has a start and an end and hence it conserves vitality. This emotion is considered as rational emotion.


Vitality allocation in the neural domain is subtle and highest in comparison to the other physical or physiological domains. Mindfulness implies the mind being full with limited thoughts. Rational Understanding leads to mindfulness without specific practice or methods as long as there is a knack for questioning the origin of every emotions. As the thought burden reduces, it conserves vitality. There are methods which reduce thought burdens for the duration of the practice.

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