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Why the 'WHY'?

Human beings are innately inquisitive. Our quest for learning prompts us to ask questions. Of the varied questions, viz. Who, Where, What, How, etc.; the most impactful question is asking the Why. It leads us to reach the core by peeling away layers and layers of information to fathom the depth. In short, 'Why' enables one to understand the rationales behind everything and assimilate the information thereby bringing clarity.

Pure Nature Cure (PNC):

1. Pure Nature Cure (PNC) is a dialectic, materialistic, wholesome and observatory science, connecting causes and effects, holistically.

2.  The maintenance of balance (homeostasis) is a programmatic knack of all the organisms. In PNC, this knack is termed as the natural tendency of self-healing.

3. Symptoms/discomforts are needful evolutions of the body. If we suppress any symptom, another more critical symptom develops and appears. Further, if the suppression is continued, the criticality chronifies and we suffer from chronic ailments. 

4. The cause of all the symptoms is the toxins which are not eliminated through regular eliminations of breathing, urination and sweating due to lack of conserved vitality.

5. In PNC, we work towards deconditioning our voice of the organism (recalibrating our senses and feelings), through curious, conscious, consistent conservation of vitality to enable the natural knack of healing and homeostasis.


Dialectical Materialism:

Dialectics is the process of proceeding towards the truth by argumentation through questioning. A proposal, which is the thesis, is counter-argued with antithesis, allowing the conversation to reach a synthesis, which is momentarily accepted and becomes the thesis for further arguments.

Discussing the Whole, questioning based on one's own understanding instead of referring to a person, script or data and finally keeping the idea of ego aside are the bases of a dialectical discussion. Dialectics go far beyond logic by acknowledging things which may not be comprehensible with reasons. However, if the reasons are not explored; one doesn't jump to conclusions and instead, is aware that 'one doesn't know', for now. The exploration is therefore an ongoing cognitive exercise that leads to co-evolution.

In Dialectical Materialism, the understanding is that, matter is the beginning of and primary for an organism. So, the focus is on physical structure which governs the function.
E.g. Brain is the physical structure; in the case of humans, the reasoning capability is one of it's primary functions.
It is the structure which governs how it functions and not vice versa.

Cognitive Learning:

While matter is the starting point for us, cognitive growth is the ultimate quest and therefore finds a mention in the tagline of PSYsolution which reads "Solution lies in Psyche".

With rational thinking and mindfulness (mind being full with precise and limited thoughts), an individual conserves energy, the allocation of energy in the psychological/neural domain being the highest.
One develops a knack of keen observation through self-enquiry which is to see the reality "as it is", to maintain equanimity irrespective of the circumstances around.
Cognitive learning is also the process of dissolution of the "Self" by seeing oneself in others.
While the physical growth is limited up to a certain age, cognitive learning is limitless. It is an on-going journey of life.

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