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Pointers to Inquire

Pointers to Inquire is a collection of quotes from the PSYsolution team which may be taken up as topics for exploration or for interactive conversations. 

Dynamic Dialogues 

In Dynamic Dialogues, we explore the dynamism of life and nature. Through conversations amongst the panelists which is streamed live, various themes get explored. 

Past Conversations:

What is a medicine?

What is an intention?

dynamic dialogues.jpg

The Root Cause Series

Whenever a situation is perceived as a problem, one goes into the problem-solving mode for resolving that particular problem. Now, what if one sees the sources of every problem, it's root cause?

Understanding facts and thoughts Part 1

Understanding facts and thoughts Part 2


PSYsolution on Spotify

PSYsolution explores the framework of thoughts and how it operates. They are a mix of stories, excerpts of phone conversations recorded on the go, etc. 

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